43 minutes | Feb 4th 2015

Podcast episode #14: Let’s document

Welcome to episode #14 of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult podcast where Rae and I talk about how we document our lives, publicly and privately. Subscribe to this bi-weekly podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or by using our feed link.  This week we talked about what we're willing to put on social media -- mostly anything we like -- and that we think other people should feel equally comfortable posting what they like to. Give us your babies. Give us your pets. Give us your dinners. Give us your text message screen shots. All fair game, and if we don't like it, we'll scroll passed it. No biggie.  However, we tend to draw the line with work and avoid posting about our jobs, because we are professionals. Except for this picture that I took at work of my new glasses. Whoops. We also talked about how to document and display personal things -- and we mentioned Project Life, which is an easier scrapbooking system. You can see some of our old spreads here, here, here and here.  Rae also mentioned keeping a file on her desktop full of photos she likes and then every so often she'll get them all printed, just so she has hard copies of all photos she likes and then she always has photos on hand, which is such a good idea. I also mentioned a service I've heard about for keeping your digital photo files safe.  Forever.com is what I was thinking, but there are apparently a ton of companies that offer this kind of service. We also document our every day lives in personal ways -- Rae keeps a sketchbook and tries to sketch every day. I use my planner to write a few words out every day about the previous day. I also mentioned journal52 which provides weekly art-based journal prompts, which are fun. Rae is just finished The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, who are the girls behind the Go Fug Yourself blog, while I am plodding through Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.  I really love Wallace's essays, so I'm willing to work my way through the million pages, but the likeness to Faulkner is killing me slowly.  Rae gives Blue Apron another thumbs up, and I just made these beef and mushroom stroganoff meatballs. Rae also gave a very hearty recommendation for this Sephora liquid eyeliner for her wingtips. Also Rae and I both have hooded eyes, so if you have any hooded-eye tips, that would be great. So that’s what’s going on this week on the podcast. Will you be our Internet friend? Rae can be found at raesdays.com, on Instagram an
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