44 minutes | Dec 18th 2014

Podcast episode #12:

Welcome to episode #12 of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult podcast where Rae and I talk about the holidays, again. Remember that pre-plan planning we did in episode #11? Yeah, now we're stressed. Subscribe to this bi-weekly podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or by using our feed link.  This week we talked about where we're at as far as preparing for the holidays.  Rae is stressed at work and has to plan for an international  vacation, on top of regular holiday stuff.  This week's podcast is also when I realized that I had exactly two days to send out all of our Christmas cards and packages through the regular mail. Whoops.  But, have no fear, there are still two days to send things out using priority or first-class shipping.  The U.S. Postal Service has a handy holiday guide with all these dates. Try to avoid Priority Mail Express though, because it will seriously cost you a million dollars. (I've made that mistake a time or two.)   Also protip:  you can buy stamps from the cashier at the grocery store, the UPS store and from drugstores, if you can't get to the post office. UPDATE: Rae has mailed all her gifts on-time! But the big takeaway here is that "adult Christmas is hard."     It has gotten to the point in my holiday planning, that I'm cutting everything I can out. For example, for our family holiday party, I am brainstorming ways I do not have to cook -- possible options include Chipotle, Boston Market, Honeybaked Ham, or, you know, ordering pizza. Also, don't feel guilty about doing things for yourself while you're doing things for other people. Booking a haircut is totally acceptable.  Also, Rae and I tote the benefits of making lists all the time, but our best advice is to take the time to think things through and figure things out and it will get easier. Also we talked about end-of-the-year reflections and resolutions. In 2013, my resolution word was finances -- we worked really hard to eliminate our credit card debt and create a working budget that we stick to no matter what, and always keep our finances in mind when we made big decisions.  Next year, I'd like to focus on health. Going to the doctor and the dentist and paying attention to how our bodies are feeling and working and how to improve our general health. Also, don't forget to reflect on your year and be proud of all the things you did. Another thing Rae and I want to do next year is continue to try to connect with our cities.  I found a "bucket list" of th
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