51 minutes | Nov 12th 2014

Podcast episode #11: Let’s pre-plan holiday planning

Welcome to episode #11 of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult podcast where Rae and I talk about the holidays. They are nigh! Subscribe to this bi-weekly podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or by using our feed link. This week we talked about planning for the holidays. Yes, we know it is still early November. First, what are we doing about Christmas cards? Obviously if you can capture yourselves holding a Merry Christmas sign in front of a snowy ski lodge in time for Christmas, that is what you should go with. But some of us don't have a snowy ski lodges at our disposal, or even snow yet, for that matter, so if you're looking for inspiration, don't worry, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to couple's holiday card ideas.  A.J. and I are probably going to go with something like this: In the past we've also done something like Minted's Year-In-Review card.  Also if you're not into taking the time to design, print and cut out your own card, totally  buy them! But don't pay $18 for a pack of 10, please.  Rae recommends Barnes and Noble's holiday cards on sale. And even dollar stores have some options.  We also talked about making the holiday card process more efficient by using address labels or a stamp (which just happens to be on my Christmas list, this year!).  I've got my eye on this one. And Elise Joy recommends using Simon Stamp.       We also talked about mass producing small gifts for our friends. In the past, we have done: ugly sweater tree ornaments, coffee cozies, monogrammed coffee mugs and Insta-magnets. Rae also briefly talked about her family's cool Christmas camp that happened last year, with which I am obsessed. During the lightning round, Rae mentioned that for Family Book Club, she's reading The Name of the Wind, which she can't put down, and I'm still working on my Starry Night cross stitch.  I also just made these delicious Hungarian turkey burgers. So that's what's going on this week on the podcast. Will you be our Internet friend? Rae can be found at raesdays.com, on Instagram and Twitter, and at raesdays(at)gmail(dot)com. Jewels is at ovenlovinblog.com, on Instagram and Twitter, and at jewelsphraner(at)gmail(dot)com.
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