39 minutes | Sep 27, 2022

Episode 252: Emily’s Calm and Controlled Car Birth Story

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Emily about her experience with a positive, calm and controlled car birth!

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Show Notes

0:55 - Enrol for LIVE, online Fall group of Anita’s Bump to Birth Method

3:10 - Who we are talking with today!

4:05 - Emily introduces herself!

5:00 - Emily shares how she felt physically, mentally, and emotionally during her first pregnancy

5:43 - What did Emily hear from family and friends leading up to her first pregnancy?

7:55 - How was Emily’s first birth and postpartum recovery?

10:15 - Prior to birth, did Emily listen / hear of a variety of birth stories?

11:10 - Did Emily feel like labour or birth or pushing were talked about much with her care provider?

12:45 - How was Emily’s second pregnancy mentally, physically and emotionally?

15:00 - What did birth prep look like for baby #2?

18:30 - How did labour go with baby #2?

31:50 - How has recovery been this time around?

34:22 - What advice would Emily give to someone expecting for the first time?

36:24 - What advice to Emily have for subsequent birthing parents?

38:06 -Wrap up

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