28 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

Episode 181 - REPLAY: How to Start and Grow a Group Fitness Class for Moms in Your Community with Rikki Cortese

In today’s replay, Jessie talks with Rikki Cortese, Postnatal Fitness Specialist and friend, about how she runs her group fitness classes for moms! She breaks it down so you can easily start your own! --- If you liked this episode of To Birth and Beyond, tell your friends! Find us on iTunes and Stitcher to rate/review/subscribe to the show. Want more? Visit www.ToBirthAndBeyond.com, join our Facebook group (To Birth and Beyond Podcast), and follow us on Instagram @tobirthandbeyondpodcast! Thanks for listening and joining the conversation! Resources and References https://programs.jessiemundell.com/pfsa-spring/ Time Stamps 0:55 - Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy promo 3:00 - An introduction to our special guest: Rikki Cortese 5:45 - Rikki introduces herself! 11:00 - What did Rikki feel like she needed to do, look like, etc following giving birth as an athlete and gym-owner’s spouse? 13:35 - Rikki tells us about the class that she started: how it began and how she grew it! 15:48 - Rikki tells us the details of the class! 18:37 - Using templates for plug-and-play exercises and flexibility for classes, training variety of bodies in one class, etc! 23:57 - What time of day does she run her group classes? 24:48 - What does Rikki like the most about running this group and working with this population?
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