25 minutes | May 4, 2021

Episode 174: Pelvic Floor 101 with Laine Corp

In today’s episode, Anita chats with Laine Corp about all things pelvic floor that you may never have been taught!

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Show Notes

1:00 - Who should tune into today’s episode, and why!

1:22 - Introduction to today’s special guest

3:08 - Pelvic floor 101 - where are the pelvic floor muscles and what do they do?

5:10 - How we talk about the pelvic floor with clients

7:18 - Pelvic floor symptoms we often see in clinic

13:02 - What is it like seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist for an assessment?

16:42 - What would pelvic health treatment look like?

20:56 - Addressing the common misconception that pelvic health physiotherapy is only for after you have a baby

21:35 - Reasons people might seek out a pelvic health physio

23:40 - Where people can find Laine Corp online!

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