15 minutes | Oct 25th 2020

What a Weird Week podcast for Sun Oct 25, 2020: The one with Two Very Different Drinks of Kool Aid! (Season 1, Episode 12)

What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek. 10 Baby Shark vs Despacito! 9 Kool Aid bandit! A guy in Florida went to the self-checkout with a thousand bucks worth of stuff. He pretended to scan the big ticket items in his card, but he had a small packet of Kool Aid hidden in his hand 8 Mystery Moon Announcement: 7 a Flippin' Army of Flippin' Flippy Robots! 6 Tim's and Burger King are testing out Tupperware packaging* 5 They just discovered a secret organ in our head?! 4 How to be irresistible to your special someone! 3 Kool Aid Man is trying to save Halloween... 2 Kit Kat Takes Break from Have a Break and it could be your Big Break! 1 This Soft Serve Software Hero! Podcast Home --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/scottyhorsman/message
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