14 minutes | Oct 18th 2020

What a Weird Week podcast for Sun Oct 18, 2020: The one with the Shoebox Full of Cursed Items (Season 1, Episode 10)

10 Relaxation through Cow Hugging: 9 War Dog Goggles: 8 Bad Luck Pompeiirock: 7 This Guy who made a Lightsaber: 6 The guy who did the World Record Slip-n-Slide... 5 Good Nobel Prize Neighbors: When they picked this one guy to win a Nobel Prize for economics, they realized that they didn't have his contact info... so they asked his neighbor to go over and knock on the door in the middle of the night. Also of note, the neighbor had also won the Nobel Prize. They'll share the 1.1 million dollar prize. The doorbell cam video is pretty great... 4 Another Lousy Stinkin Jetpack story!? 3 The Robots are one step closer to Total Domination: Google announced this deal where you can hum or whistle a tune and the robots will try to figure out what song you mean. 2 Wooden Bank Cards are a thing now: 1 These Halloweeners Knocking it out of the park this week! The other day we put this Halloween House on our blog that had such good special effects that someone called the Fire Department... A couple days later we had something built by a retired Fisher Price engineer in New York. At time of posting, no one has called authorities or exterminators. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek... Podcast Home... or Subscribe wherever --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/scottyhorsman/message
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