15 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

What a Weird Week podcast for Sat Oct 3, 2020: The one with the Walnut Smashing (Season 1, Episode 9)

What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. 
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10 "Toyota’s Robot Butler prototype hangs from the ceiling like a bat"

If you invent a robot butler, you're making the top ten list for sure. If it's described as hanging from the ceiling like a bat, you will be deducted several points for creepiness.

9 Subway now offering cake!

There is a slim to none chance that you didn't hear about this one because everybody reported it before the President got Covid. Courts in Ireland have ruled that Subway bread has too much sugar to legally be called bread, so now it's grouped in with delicious cake!

Them Crows is Smart!

If this one slipped under the radar, it might've been because the crows didn't want you to know so they hacked your algorithm.

7 Halloween Candy is Selling like Crazy! People don't even know if they'll have Trick-or-Treaters!

I heard a Business Wars podcast about how some candy companies didn't produce as much Halloween candy this year because they were unsure of the market. Then we had that story about Marshmallow Peeps taking Halloween off completely!

Now the latest stats show we're buying MORE Halloween candy than we did last year!?

*up 26 % compared to the same time last year.

6 Jet Packs in the news again!! JET PACKS!!!!

It's true that I have a Jet Pack obsession. It all started when I was in grade 2 and Jimmy Mckenzie said his book bag had a jet pack in it and jumped off the monkey bars.

5 Fat Bear Contest! 

Every year at this National Park in Alaska, they do a a Fat Bear competition. The goal is to spot a fat bear, or I guess if you're the bear, the goal is to BE a fat bear...

4 Super Enzyme that Eats Plastic!

This week the news came out about a plastic-eating enzyme that may save our planet. It's the Plastic Eating Super Enzyme that we don't deserve. A different approach to recycling and getting rid of plastic in the environment!!

3 This week a Wildlife Park in the UK had to remove some parrots from public view because the parrots swore at visitors. Imagine you go to your favourite zoo and the parrots start swearing at you. Pretty soon things escalate and you start swearing back.

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