13 minutes | Sep 21st 2020

What a Weird Week for Sun Sept 20: The one with the candy AND pop shortage?! S1 E7

Recap of last show HERE.

10 Life on Venus! Yes, everybody had the story this week about Life on Venus. Yes, most of us heard it and thought of something bigger than a microbe...

9 Giant Wiener Proposals! A few weeks ago, a guy named Zach N Cheese made the news for using his company car as part of asking his girlfriend to get married... we have an update this week

8 The candy that won't be around this Halloween... or even at Christmas! ICYMI, (doubtful, everybody had the story this week) there's a freakin' Peeps shortage!! 😓

7 Vinyl Records win. There was a time - you young kids coming up might not believe it - but there WAS a time when we all thought vinyl records were gone for good... kind of like the measles.

6 This bear that rang the doorbell at 10:00 at night... what if you answered the door without even looking? What if the bear had lock-picking skills?!

5 This guy had his cell phone stolen. He lives near the jungle. He found his cell phone under a palm tree. It had been stolen by a monkey. The monkey took several pictures...

4 Guy in Alberta charged with sleeping and speeding in a Tesla.

3 That guy who jumped a drawbridge in Detroit just like The Fall Guy starring television's Lee Majors.

2 Editor's note: this story makes number two on the list for sheer audacity!
The message in a bottle story from British Columbia.
Like, the news outlets aren't even trying anymore.

1 There's a canned pop shortage in Canada.

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