10 minutes | Sep 28th 2020

Season 1, Episode 8, What a Weird Week! The one with Murder Hornets again!

What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and/or weak. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek. Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever  Protip: Hit Play and Scroll through the shownotes... 10 Murder Hornets: the invasion continues! Should you be worried? Well, do you live anywhere other than maybe Antarctica? Then, maybe. 9 Pumpkin Spice Kraft Dinner! 8 This Week in How to Be Happier: Another study shows that going for a 15 minute walk is good for your mental health. Yes, as unappealing as this is to many of us, the research keeps showing that we need to leave the house. 7 The headline says it all: "Local boy smashes world record for pogo stick jumps" !! We've seen a lot of this during the pandemic, bored people breaking world records. 6 The thing you do all the time that is doing wonders for your Stress Levels. You watch cute animal videos all the time, don't you? 5 Great news that you can't share with anyone... "Chunky thighs and wide hips linked to long life expectancy"!! 4 Some General Mills cereals are going back to their 1980s roots. Recipes are changing, fruit shapes are returning, it's a flavour bonanza! 3 The in-your-house camera drone that Ring announced this week! It's a drone that flies around your house, from room to room 2 Secret Man Cave discovered under Grand Central Station! 1 The Edmonton teenager who jumps like a horse! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/scottyhorsman/message
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