12 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

Podcast! What a Weird Week for Sun Sept 13: Season 1 Episode 6, the one with the Jelly Bean Factory and Courage Pills (they're more common than you think)

Recap of last show HERE.

10 Win a candy factory from the inventor of Jelly Belly. 
*Notes: This costs at least $50 to play, and the website is a perfect score of ten on the sketchville scale of ultimate sketchiness. *citation needed of course. "All Treasure Hunt players will be eligible to join in on The Ultimate Treasure Hunt where I give away one of my candy factories." I don't know how this is gonna go...
9 Bear at the Amusement Park nearly has collision with coaster car. Imagine you're doing your favourite amusement park ride and then add bears. That's exciting, right? Shoutout to CoasterRadio.com where I heard the story first.
8 Courage Pills Actually Exist, and they're available over-the-counter right now at your favourite store.
7 It's a cracked teeth epidemic (the last six months has been a record-breaking cavalcade of cracked teeth)
6 Treetop Student
5 World Record for most jelly donuts eaten in three minutes: 10 donuts! #ChallengeAccepted
4 Old postcard gets delivered 100 years late. We don't know what's going on with Roy's pants...
"Dear Cousins,
Hope this will find you all well. We are quite well but mother has awful lame knees. It is awful cold here. I just finished my history lesson and am going to bed pretty soon. My father is shaving and my mother is telling me your address. I will have to close for a night. Hope grandma and grandpa are well. Don’t forget to write us - Roy get his pants fixed yet?
Flossie Burgess"
3 People planted those Mystery Seeds. Here's what happened...
2 Airline Food Restaurant is the bees knees...
* Honorable Mention to this article that might save you from a lousy relationship...
1 Scented candles that smell like nachos and jock straps. Just... why?

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