16 minutes | Aug 30th 2020

Podcast Aug 30: Season 1 Ep 4 What a Weird Week! The one with Weird Fish and UFOs

What a Weird Week (formerly The TMD Podcast) is a top ten countdown of the weirdest news stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and weak. Follow us on Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek Recap of last week's Top Stories HERE

10 - Fisherman hauls in a some kind of bizarro creature (spoiler: it's a "long-nosed chimaera")

9 - (from Digg) Illusionist does a quick change trick that blows people away

8 - The World's Best Typer must be a cyborg or something

7 - Lucky Charms releases an official 'only marshmallows' cereal

6 - This little kid who's Tik Tok famous because of NOT dancing #irony

video link HERE

5 - Ninja Museum gets robbed by... something better than ninjas? Double Top Secret Ninjas??

4 - Chaos at the Pressure Cooker giveaway (it's like a microcosm for the whole world #pressurecooker)

3 - Do we have another credible UFO story? Yes. Yes we do. #SpaceStation

2 - This peanut butter solution to nervous paws is either genius or Double Top Secret Genius

1 - I'm spoiling this one right away... this is a Feel Good Story! #GoodPeople

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