41 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

The Role of an Executive Pastor: Do's & Don'ts from a Leader in the Trenches

Do you understand the role of the executive pastor or even know what one is? Should your church have an executive pastor?

On today’s episode of Modern Church Leader Tithe.ly’s COO, Frank Barry and Dave Blough, Executive Pastor at Wintonbury Church talk about the role of an executive pastor and what he's learned about focus, priorities, and distractions.


  • What is an executive pastor?
  • How does the executive pastor work with the sr. pastor
  • What types of things do XP's focus on that they shouldn't be?
  • Why do they tend to focus on these things?
  • What should an XP stop doing today?
  • What should they start doing today if they are not? Why? How?


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