50 minutes | Sep 2nd 2020

How to do CHURCH ONLINE the Right Way: Lessons Learned from Life.Church

Church online is here to stay, but are you doing everything you can to reach and connect with your community? Is your online church service everything you want it to be?

On today’s episode of Modern Church Leader Tithe.ly’s COO, Frank Barry and Kyle Kutter, Central Group Leader of Digital Technology talk about what Life.Church has learned through the church online platform and hosting online church for thousands of churches around the world.

Life.Church is the largest church in America hosting 60K+ people per weekend at their locations, but they didn't stop there. They offer the church online platform free to any church and have thousands using their tools every weekend to host church online.

You'll walk away with a ton of insight and very practical tips that you can implement today.

  • How does a church run an effective online church service?
  • Should a church have a "host" as part of their online church service?
  • What tools have you seen boost online church engagement?
  • What has Life.Church learned about doing church online during COVID?
  • What features in the church online platform get the most usage?
  • Do you have any examples of churches doing great online service and what about their online church experience stands out to you?
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