22 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

Season 2 | Episode 2: Moving Upmarket

Brian & Scottie Elliott are the husband & wife co-founders of Gather, an interior design project management app.

On this episode, Rob chats with Brian & Scottie about taking their product upmarket, focusing on customer success, hiring consultants and contractors, and more!

The topics we cover

[01:43] Check in on how this week has been going

  • Setting things in motion with some new hires
  • MRR now growing off the chain but feeling good about accomplishments
  • Shifting focus from growing while also building out process
  • MRR growth is not everything

[04:50] Scottie talks about hiring

  • Looking at three potential hires right now: lead gen, VA, and an industry expert
  • Consultant vs contractor. A contract shows up and performs a task, a consultant is an expert in the industry
  • Moving from task-based hires to project-based hires
  • With Tinyseed funding now have the opportunity to do more hiring

[08:59] New business processes

  • Scottie was initially doing customer support
  • Now realizing needing to focus on customer success to help make sure the customer is successful

[10:21] Challenging sales cycles and losing an enterprise deal

  • Had a potential enterprise deal (40-50 seats) but the contract was pulled last minute based on the price
  • The contract eventually went to 0 and the client ghosted Scottie & Brian
  • Losing contracts is disappointing, but they'll continue to reach out until they get a "no".
  • Going to dig into the "why" to understand if it was pricing, or something else.
  • Founders need to decide between learning or hiring for specific skill sets
  • Important to have a sales process in place before handing off to an outsider
  • Lots of institutional knowledge within a business and sales process that needs to be documented

[17:57] Technical setbacks from the week

  • They had a complicated new feature about to ship when one of their developers raised an issue that ended up setting them back nearly a week.
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