2 minutes | Apr 12th 2020

The Queen and I

music and prose by Roly SkenderI arrive at the palace by busThe Queen and I are getting on surprisingly wellShe’s dressed elegantly in redIn the giant hallwe dance beneath chandeliersand cameras flash around usFamily, dignitaries and the press watch onWe talk about history and philosophyShe confides in me some little-known annoyances,that she experiences in her role as monarchIt’s a job in which, she discloses,she does her bestShe’s so easy to talk toThen, mid-conversation, she reaches downand grabs hold of my genitalsI push her hand away and say ‘that’s not why I’m here’but I don’t really know why I’m hereHer strength is surprisingWith knees bent, I push her wrist away from my crotchWe eventually drop to the floor togetherI apologiseMen arrive to take her away from me,but she breaks free of them and rushes towards meThis time I catch the force of her underarm grabwith both hands at her forearmand the force is re-directedI remain in a broad, bent-knee stanceas my feet slide backwards across the dance floorI narrowly avoid contact with a table of canapesQuite suddenly, it’s time to leaveBut I enjoyed dancingwith the queen
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