2 minutes | Feb 9th 2020

The Little Man Inside my Head

There's a little man inside my head He's in charge of the engine He runs on just 10 watts! He's changing gears all the time Making sure I wake up… and sleep Mostly I don't even know he's there Sometimes I wonder what he gets up to, when I'm not paying attention This little man inside my head He keeps the whole system in balance And he runs on just 10 watts! When I forget things, sometimes, he reminds me If the engine gets stuck in a loop, he'll try and shut it down for a little while Occasionally, he heads towards the front and looks out the window Depending on what's out there, he might tell me to keep quiet, and don't say that thing which was balancing on the tip of my tongue The little man inside my head He gets tired sometimes Tired of telling me the same thing, over and over Sometimes I feel, like… I'm disappointing him But he tells me it doesn't matter Because it's too late It's too late
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