3 minutes | Mar 1st 2020

The Audiophile

The audiophile is a salesmanIn a moment, he sees medown at the 'low end' of thingswith $200 headphones$4000 headphones'what's the difference?' he says,and whispers, 'Most people won't even hear it'His tone tickles my earHe acknowledges meas if he and Iare in the same tribeBrothers, connectedWe are bothappreciators of nuanceUnderstanding of the complicatedtrue natureof high end audioThe audiophile wants to take me on a journey.Or at least start me offon a journey of my own, when I'm readyHow far might I travel with his assistance?Maybe, all the way. He tells me I may not notice it at first.But over time, my ears will begin to hearHear the differencebetween vacuum tube and transistorcopper and goldScience and pseudo-scienceRemember, it's a journeyBut he can tell I'm not readyNot ready to committo take this journey with himnot all the way, not yet So he treads gently...We listen to a recording of solo spanish guitarThrough $22,000 dollar speakers The audiophile asks, 'can you feel him sitting here, in the room with us?'I reply yes... yesOn the verge of conversionIt occurs to meMaybe I've been missing somethingThis journey, is a one-way tripConnected to a part of the brainmuch deeper than the earThe audiophile's intensity increasesSensing my weakness, he pounces...but too soon, for I've already found my escapeThis technology, it's not about the soundIt's just something in the waythat it tickles your ears.And some people like having their ears tickled
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