3 minutes | Feb 16th 2020

Space Ladder

Somewhere out in space, there's a ladder If you climb all the way up, you can look down,not just on the earth, or even the solar system,but the whole galaxy It's very high up there But of course, directions like up or down don't mean the same thing, when you're in space Staring back at the spiral arms of the milky way, you notice the whole structure is vibrating And shimmering with a beautiful, silver glow It feels good to be outside of the earth for a change Because all the things you worried about there, are so far away In the distance, you notice an object coming towards you It looks a bit like a cloud You realise instinctively, this is your personal transport to the next level Stepping aboard the space cloud You can barely imagine what the next level will be like Luckily, it doesn't take long to reach your destination Of course, time works a little differently too When you're in space On arrival, your cloud ship dissipates And before you lies the wonder of the whole universe You expected it to look a lot more like a sponge, or a giant network of cobwebs However, this universe is nothing like you imagined There's a fireplace, a shaggy brown rug and a recliner chair facing away from you On a small coffee table next to the recliner is an old pipe, still smouldering You walk towards the chair to find that it's empty, which is the exact moment that you suddenly understand everything there is to understand, in the entire universe Then you disappear, and forget everything... again
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