2 minutes | Mar 29th 2020


My shadowhe walks close to meSometimes I tell him'hey! hang back a little' but he likes to be right by my side.I think it gives him a sense of control,even though, if it wasn't for mehe wouldn't even be thereFor the most part,I just ignore himand nobody else seems to noticethat he's even thereMy shadowhe walks close to meHe'll whisper in my ear from time to timeand say things, that (if it was anyone else)could be taken the wrong wayI guess he thinkswe've known each other so longthat it's better to get to the pointwithout wasting timeand he's just being honestMy shadow, can't hear very well(maybe because he doesn't have ears)so I'll tell you...In truth, if he could have his own wayhe'd want the whole world to be as dark as he is.He always wants to lie downwith the lights offand the curtains closedas if the world outsideisn't there He doesn't care.He won't talk to anyone except meHe doesn't like people He doesn't even like food that much But we do chat sometimesHe tells me about the amazing scaleof the universeand how nothing really matters in the end I can kind of see where he's coming from My shadowhe walks close to meLuckily, when I'm smilinghe can't see
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