2 minutes | May 10th 2020

Quantum Dream Computer

The quantum computer is coming They're just trying to makethose little qubit things immune to interferencefrom the big worldBecause when the big world leaks inthe qubits stop workingand the solutionsare all wrongOnce they work out an answerto this problemthey'll be able to calculatebigger numbersthan we ever imaginedThe big worldIs like the real worldThe one that you and I can seeIt's just a problemThat it keeps leaking into the little oneIt makes that little qubitsound a bit likea nice dreamthat you're fighting to stay insideon the verge of waking upand when you do wake upyou may be sadbecause you can't flyyou don't have 600 million dollarsand the cat you tried putting in a boxwith some radioactive materialis still deadBut recently, they discovered something elseThose little qubit thingsDon't need to be completely isolatedfrom the big worldBecause they can correct for the errors laterBut even then,there's a problemThe quantum computercan calculateso much information that there is no computerbig enoughto test if the answer Is correctSo as you can seeit's nice to dreambut there's really no point in building a quantum computerthank you
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