2 minutes | May 26th 2020

If Buildings Could Speak

If buildings could speakthey'd have much to sayabout their creaky concrete bonesand how sore they are from the weight of all the thingsthat happen inside themThey have so many belly aches from mountains of documentsstill in filing cabinetsand computer systemsand furnitureand floor coveringsand wall hangingsThey'd probably tell you about the migrainesfrom all the footstepsthrough hallwaysand talkingand shufflingand coffee brewingand business makingMaybe they'd be worried about the futureas their lungs filled up with stale airthrough dirty air conditioner filtersand old machines with noisy fansand stale cookingand breathingStill, mostly at nightthe buildings go to sleepand sometimes, they dreamdream that they could speakand for once, only in their dreamseveryone would listenand understand their important musingsif buildings could speak
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