3 minutes | Mar 15th 2020

Fresh Undies

In difficult, unpredictable times it's easy to forgethow good,a fresh pair of undiescan make you feelFresh undies are softThey sit against your skin,so gentlyIt's as if you're not even wearing themAnd a fresh pair of undiesdoesn't judge youor ask you to coughin another directionor give you any concernabout things you can't seeQuite the opposite...Fresh undies just sit with youthrough the noiseThey give you nothing but comfortand ask for little in returnThere are clues everywhereAs to the importance of fresh undiesPhrases like "it's what's underneath that matters",or "if you scratch beneath the surface, you'll find she's really a nice person"Fresh undies are like starting the dayfrom first principlesElon Musk probably wears fresh undiesWhat a great metaphor they arefor a new beginningFresh undies can bringa little bit of hope into the worldAnd give you a quiet confidenceThey also have certain 'secret' powersrelated to the placebo effect and have sometimes, even been knownto cure depression Take that old pair of undies you're wearingHow sad they are...Will they make you feel special this morning?Or are they are a signifierof something you've almost forgottenBe nice to yourselfBecause in difficult, unpredictable times It's easy to forget how good,a fresh pair of undiescan make you feelThere's really no feeling that comparesto fresh undiesThanks for listening
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