3 minutes | Apr 19th 2020

Elon's First Principles

Did you hear what Elon's up to?He wants to plug our brainsdirectly into computersso we don't have to wait so longwhen we Google somethingHe's also going to send some of us into spaceHe's already launched a car up thereIt's still flying around the sunIt has travelled further than any other carin the history of carsElon, his name even sounds like a planetDid you hear what he did in South Australiawhen they had problems with their power infrastructure?He made them a big battery, the biggest ever.Did you hear what Elon said about Lidar?Lidar is like radar for self-driving carsBut Elon worked out you don't even need itBecause you can do it all with regular camerasHuhDid you see Elon on Joe Roganwhen he smoked that joint?He didn't even get highI guess because he's already such a space manor maybe just because he bumsuckedWhat about Elon's tunnel drilling company?It's called the 'Boring' companywhich some people might say is ironicBut it's not reallyWhen Elon's Cybertruck got a broken window at the product launchIt could've been a PR disaster Instead, a toy company made a remote control versionWith a cracked window decaland everyone had a laughAlso, you knowthat project you're working onDo you know what Elon would do?He'd strip it right backto first principlesYou might get a little frustratedbecause you thought you were almost there, almost finishedBut Elon would explain that you didn't think it through hard enough yetYou didn't really break it downinto first principleslike he wouldIn a strange way,Elon can see into the futureBut that's hardly surprising really because he's making the futureThanks Elon.
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