3 minutes | Mar 22nd 2020

Awful Writing

Music - Franz Liszt: 3 Concert Etudes S.144, R5I read some of my old writingIt was awfulIt was in a green duffel bagwhich hadn't been unzipped for 20 yearsThe other night, I found it again.As soon as I saw the striped blue book coverI knew what to expectand braced myself...I opened the book and the words flew outfrom the pageat my facelike batsThey tried to scratch my eyes outget inside my mouthand re-form themselvesThe struggle left me exhaustedwith blood dripping down my cheekSo I tore the book to piecesand screwed up the pagesand poured lighter fluid on themin a metal binReady to set it all ablaze,something changed my mindA split-second decisionto save something,even just a couple of linesBut as I reached down to grab the papersthe top of the lightermade contact with the edge of the binSomething sparkedThe whole thing ignitedand my arm was on fireEventually, I managed to pat it out with the curtainand the bin was still on fireand that awful writingwas gone
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