114 minutes | Mar 9, 2018

BONUS 18: Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Man in the World

Aleister Crowley was many things: an author, an artist, a poet, a mystic, a student, a mountaineer, a world traveler, and a notorious occultist. He shocked Victorian and post-Victorian England and the Western World at-large with his "Satanic" ways. He was permanently banned from both Italy and France before his death. He believed in magic, real magic, and tried to conjure mythical spirits into our world. He performed bizarre "sex magick" rituals that shocked polite society. He developed the spiritual philosophy of Thelema, built on his guiding principle of "Do What Thou Wilt". Who was this dark, strange man and how was he able to leave the mark he did on Western Culture? All is revealed! The Great Beast exposed today, on Timesuck.

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