8 minutes | Jul 28, 2020

Minisode: Beni's Silence

Beni recalls an unsettling moment during the music festival that left him speechless.

This minisode includes a moment of racialized language. Please see below for content resources.

Written and directed by Dania Ramos
Audio engineering, sound design, and music by Michael Aquino
Episode art layout: M. Aquino; original image: Shutterstock / Alexander_P

Leilany Figueroa as Alexa Ventura
Claudio Venancio as Beni Ventura
Tocador: Wesley Tahsir-Rodriguez
Additional voice: Cooper Tate

Guest Musician: Luis Diaz
Additional original music: Lara Gonzalez, Christopher White

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Shout-out to our first listeners for this minisode: Abel, Andrew, Darin, Jennica, Melissa T., Melissa V., Michelle, Tezarah, Yadier, and an anonymous listener.

Content Resources
Minisode Resource Guide: tinyurl.com/y628tmhs
Racial Justice Resources: cocotazomedia.com/racial-justice-resources
”Talking to kids about race” (National Geographic, Greenwood): tinyurl.com/y9nsao4u
”Colorism In The Latino Community & Its Generational Impact” (Embracing Diversity, Santana): tinyurl.com/yxrl7t8k
History of Bomba Rhythm: puertorico.com/blog/the-rhythms-of-bomba/
Bomba Drum: americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_681731
“Bomba: The Enduring Anthem of Puerto Rico” (NYT, Du Graf/Lyons): tinyurl.com/y3pwsysr

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