59 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

There’s No Excuse for Bad Movies

Kano Wins. Mortal Kombat, is it worth your time? We answer that this week as well as The Death of Stalin, Desperados, and the Handmaids Tale Season 4. Also Sauce finally got an Xbox Series X and we talk about xcloud on iOS. We punish Hummer this week with our new game of Netflix Roulette. We also talk about things that are too graphic and stupid to mention here so come join the fun.    Come chat with us on Instagram Facebook Youtube Our Website    00:00:32: Intro 00:01:33: Mortal Kombat Review 00:16:59: Sauces Series X 00:25:19: The Death Of Stalin Review 00:32:40: Desperados Review 00:42:17: The Handmaids Tale Season 4 00:52:25: The Oscars 2021 00:56:23: Netflix Roulette
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