67 minutes | May 22, 2021

Bosom Buddies

This week we talk about Tom Hanks’ greatest hits and ask if you could only pick one actor’s catalogue to have on a desert island who it would be. We also review Those Who Wish Me Dead, My Fair Lady, Mythic Quest, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Resident Evil Village, and Raya and the Last Dragon. Come chat with us on Instagram Facebook Youtube Our Website    00:00:28: Intro 00:02:27: My Fair Lady Review 00:07:01: Those Who Wish Me Dead Review 00:11:17: Hummer Cant Say Maleficent 00:12:49: Tom Hanks' Best Work Bosom Buddies 00:15:16: Deserted Island, One Actors Catalogue 00:32:47: Mythic Quest Review 00:42:10: Hummer Rewatches Big Bang Theory For Some Reason 00:44:48: Raya And The Last Dragon Review 00:54:20: Resident Evil Village Review
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