36 minutes | Aug 3, 2021

37: How to Commit to Your Workout and Reach Your Fitness Goals with Vanessa Gregor

Are you wondering what happened to that goal you had of exercising every day before the summer?    There’s a reason gym enrollments go up in January and then again in May when everyone realizes summer is coming up: motivation kicks in… but over time, your visits to the gym slow down. Before long, you’re back to saying, “oh my gosh, why can’t I find time to work out?” Does this sound familiar?   Maybe you feel like it’s because you’re busy, tired, distracted by your kids, or all of the above, but the real reason is that you don’t commit to exercising.    If you truly want to be stronger, fitter, or healthier, you’ve got to stay committed.    I know sometimes that seems impossible, so today I’m joined by my personal trainer, Vanessa Gregor, to talk about how to stay committed to your fitness.    Vanessa Gregor, also known as Nez, is the owner of Studio Fit’nez. She hires independent personal trainers that make Studio Fit’nez what it is: a private personal training studio in the heart of Fishers that goes above and beyond when it comes to helping people live healthy, pain-free, and fit lives. Vanessa enriches her clients’ lives through the teachings of proper form and technique, overcoming weaknesses, and finding joy in the process.    If you’re trying to find time for fitness in your life, listen to this episode because Vanessa is going to help you finally commit to your workouts!   Resources Mentioned:  www.studiofitnez.com  Follow @studiofitnez on Instagram  Follow studio fit'nez on Facebook  www.andrealiebross.com/consult   Get access to all my free downloads and productivity tips HERE   I would love to connect on Facebook or Instagram Show notes available at www.andrealiebross.com/podcast37
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