5 minutes | Jul 7, 2021


This episode is an appetiser for a new podcast called Time is Sliding.  Each month, we'll explore together aspects of the world that are changing over the precious time that is slippery-sliding away as we hurtle down life’s helter skelter. You’ll hear extraordinary and ordinary people discuss changes in themselves, society and the environment on which we all depend.The first full episode is called ‘viewing change from cancer’s helter skelter’ and stems from the biggest change that everyone will experience - the end of his or her life. It’s particularly meaningful to me because it’s the last recording I have of my brother Phil. Cancer killed him almost 3 months later.  That’s my reason for releasing the full episode on 25th July 2021, the anniversary of the discussion.I hope that you’ll want to hear Phil’s take on changes imposed by illness along with changes in attitudes, technologies, behaviour, music, entertainment, punishment, choices and the environment.  There’ll be more of the discussion, on different topics, in episode 2.If you knew Phil, I hope that hearing him will touch you again with his thoughtfulness, intellect and humour. For those listeners who never met him, I hope that you’ll also enjoy his perspectives and the laughter we shared in the face of the bleak changes we knew were ahead.To steal and modify a catch phrase of Timothy Leary, I hope that you’ll turn on, search out and drop in to Time is Sliding.  Be my guest by subscribing or following via your usual podcast provider.  Until 25th July, zai jian, au revoir, arrivederci, adios, auf wiedersehen, vaarwel, cheers.Rob Baylis, July 2021
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