24 minutes | Jan 12, 2019

Interview with Joel Emery of Ignite Strategies

On Time for Success - Business Owner Dads Edition  We are interviewing Joel Emery founder of Ignite Strategies. Ignite Strategies represents 24 years of experience, with processes that bring together skills derived from the worlds of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, combined with academic experience in neo-institutional economics and human behavior analysis. Previously, As Executive Director of St. Louis' own Circus Flora, Emery built the Circus Flora brand as an integral part of the St. Louis community, driving earned revenue increases of greater than 90%.  Using data-driven client and patron profiling and strategic pricing structures, he developed and directed comprehensive marketing campaigns, including special events, printed media, patron recognition, direct mail, digital, outdoor, social media, public relations, and direct sales strategies, tactics and executables.  Further, he developed collaborative and innovative community and business partnerships and programming key to institutional growth, branding, and new revenue streams. With clients across an array of sectors from real estate to law, from bricks-and-mortar retail and manufacturing to personal training, Emery and his team build revenue-generation strategies, tactics, plans and initiatives that engage your customers, clients, employees and communities. 
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