55 minutes | Apr 8, 2019

The Tally Ho talks to Dean Motter about Shattered Visage

Welcome to The Tally Ho, a podcast about the classic TV series The Prisoner. Following on from our recent episode about the re-release of Shattered Visage, we had the great pleasure of interviewing the writer and artist behind the book, legendary comics creator Dean Motter. Dean Motter has worked as an illustrator, designer, editor, art director and writer for over 40 years. His hugely influential style - combining retro-futurism with hard-boiled noir - has brought us classics including Mister X, Terminal City and Electropolis.Shattered Visage was originally published by DC as a 4 issue miniseries in 1988-1989 (twenty years after the original TV show airing, and set contemporaneously), the series was written by Dean Motter and Mark Askwith, and drawn by Dean Motter, with colour art by David Hornung and Richmond Lewis. Dean talked to us about how he put together the project and the influences on Shattered Visage as well as his other major works.Time for Cakes and Ale, a podcast featuring geeky ramblings with Becks & Eeson, and also home to "Time for Cherry Pie and Coffee", a Twin Peaks podcast, and "The Tally Ho", a Prisoner podcast.Follow us on Twitter @TFCAALike us on FacebookVisit our Website See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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