36 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

The Doc, The Legs, and The Joy

Companion Potpourri - Martha, Amy, and Bill

They enter our lives, make us laugh and cry, and then leave by either death, marriage, or ... magic? It's the Doctor's companions - and we are examining Martha Jones, Amelia Pond, and Bill Potts. How did each of these women work with their respective Doctors? What were their families like? How did they develop and grow in character during their time in the TARDIS? And what did we think of how they left us? Let us know your favorite companion moments.

In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple look at the 2001 slapstick comedy TV movie, "Hotel!" starring Paul McGann, Peter Capaldi, and Bradley Walsh. Have you seen this? Is it a great comedy or a greatest comedy?