35 minutes | Aug 5th 2020

A Tale as Young as Time

Children's Books

The storytelling of "Doctor Who" takes many forms, from the television series to Target novelizations to Big Finish audio adventures. There's one avenue that's directly targeted at the youngest demographic - children's books. Jessica and Phillip look at two Who Jr. selections - the "Dr. Who" variants of the "Mr. Men and Little Miss" mini-books and one of the newest releases, "Doctor Who: The Runaway TARDIS." How do these stories appeal to children? Can adults enjoy them too? Here's a link to Missy herself, Michelle Gomez, reading the "Dr. Twelfth" book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSmKk2eCfu0

In their look into the TARDIS library, Phillip reviews the 2011 novel "Touched By An Angel" by Jonathan Morris, featuring the 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, and the Weeping Angels.