50 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

Turning a Loss into a Huge Win with Angel Tuccy, Founder of Vedette Global

Angel Tuccy is an award-winning speaker, radio host, public relations media specialist, and TV producer. She's also a best-selling author of over 10 books, including the popular title, ABC’s of Exposure. Angel has been working in media and public relations for the past 13 years.  In 2018, Angel founded the media exposure company, Vedette Global, where she educates entrepreneurs on how to navigate the media and delivers boutique strategies. With Vedette Global, Angel has featured her clients on thousands of major media publications, radio and television shows, magazines, and stages. In this episode… Have you ever been laid off or lost your job due to circumstances beyond your control?  Did you search for a similar job to the one afterward or did you take your experience and turn it into your own job where you call the shots?  Angel Tuccy lost her national radio show due to a format change but then bounced back to start her own media and PR business. After suffering through the initial hardships faced by most entrepreneurs, Angel discovered that she couldn’t return to work for anybody else. Now, she teaches other entrepreneurs to do the same. So, what can you do when you lose what you’ve worked for?   On this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, you’ll hear from an award-winning speaker, radio host, and public relations media specialist, Angel Tuccy. Angel tells Steve Adams how the loss of her radio show led her to a successful business venture. She discusses the obstacles she faced, what she learned, her ideal clients, and the daily practices that have helped her maintain the wins she’s earned. 
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