53 minutes | Sep 1, 2021

Gaining Clarity and Living Out Your Purpose with Dr. Emily Letran, Founder of Exceptional Leverage, Inc.

Dr. Emily Letran is a general dentist, the owner of two southern California dental practices, author of multiple books, and the Founder of Exceptional Leverage. At age 13, Dr. Letran left war-torn Vietnam on a boat with her aunt, brother, and four cousins. She was at sea for seven days, spent time in a Malaysian refugee camp, and now serves as a certified life coach for business professionals and entrepreneurs.  Dr. Letran draws on her vast experience to help her clients gain clarity of purpose, renew their energy, find the courage to maximize their potential, outperform the competition, and become a sphere of influence to everyone they meet. She is a mother of three and a graduate of the UCLA School of Dentistry. In this episode… Why do you get up and go to work every day? Dr. Emily Letran knows that, for many people, the answer is to save money for retirement. Dr. Letran is a general dentist, serial entrepreneur, and certified life coach who has overcome incredible obstacles in her life to find tremendous personal and professional success. To get to where she is today, she first had to discover her clarity of purpose — now she helps clients do the same.   On this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast,Dr. Emily Letran, general dentist, owner of multiple dental practices, and Founder of Exceptional Leverage, Inc., tells Steve Adams about how she was able to successfully transition from surviving to thriving. They talk about the value of having clarity with your purpose and she takes us on her journey from escaping a war-torn Vietnam to succeeding as a dentist, author, entrepreneur, and life coach. Tune in to start thriving today!
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