44 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

Creating Meaningful Relationships with Entrepreneur and Founder of 7-Figure Millennials, Brandon Fong

Brandon Fong is an entrepreneur, author, mentor, coach, marketing expert, and the Founder of 7-Figure Millennials. He is a Writer and Course Creator at his own agency, and also hosts his podcast, 7-Figure Millennials. Brandon created the Magic Connection Method that helps other entrepreneurs find success while prioritizing their health, happiness, and relationships. Before starting his own company, Brandon was the Head of Marketing at SuperHuman Enterprises. He was also previously the Social Media Manager at MindsetGo. Brandon is an avid world traveler, having been to 23 countries and counting. In this episode… Why is building relationships so important as an entrepreneur? Is there an easier way to meet connections and be part of an entrepreneurial group? What is the “Law of the Buffalo” philosophy? Brandon Fong can explain it best. Brandon is an entrepreneur, author, and mentor. He started his entrepreneurial journey a short time ago, and has already helped many high-profile CEOs and business leaders boost their success without sacrificing their health and happiness. What made him decide to take the challenge and start his own business? Relationships.  On this jam-packed episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Steve Adams talks with entrepreneur and Founder of 7-Figure Millennials, Brandon Fong. They discuss the impact of good mentors, how entrepreneurship is perceived, the successful way to create relationships, and much more. Stay tuned!
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