45 minutes | Sep 15, 2021

Believing in Your Work with Dan King, Co-Founder of Fireside Strategic

Dan King is a sales strategist, executive coach, and Co-founder of Fireside Strategic, an elite support system for CEOs who are inspired by mission and ideas. He calls himself a “recovering lawyer” after transitioning to a successful career as an entrepreneur with a knack for growth optimization. Dan built and sold a recruiting company serving the legal industry, advised one of the investors on NBC’s Shark Tank, and has coached over 100 CEOs, US and Canadian military members, and politicians.   Dan has traveled to more than 30 countries and completed two extreme charity racing adventures: one that involved driving a vintage Fiat from London to Mongolia and another where he drove a rickshaw across India. In this episode… Do you truly believe in what you are selling? Who is your ideal client? What does your ideal referral partner look like?   As someone who started in door-to-door sales, Dan King learned that serving another human being with integrity leads to greater success than focusing on closing a sale at all costs. Integrity and authenticity bring sales, which brings referrals, which are the most effective way of generating business. So, how do you start growing your sales and landing those referrals? In this episode of the Tiger Performance Podcast, Fireside Strategic Co-founder Dan King tells Steve Adams about the keys to personal and professional success, which will also help you avoid the pain that comes from burnout. Dan shares how he realized that he would be better suited for business development than for being a lawyer and talks about the time he was taken hostage by Russian soldiers during a charity race!
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