25 minutes | Oct 13, 2020

The Rise of Property Tech

Property technology, or proptech as the industry calls it, has been around for decades. However, a new breed of data driven startups in the proptech space are starting to disrupt the proptech industry that has traditionally been dominated by the incumbent, legacy platforms.  Individuals looked to build their own portfolio of properties as a side income or a main livelihood have never had it better with platforms enabling  developers to make fast, intelligent and insightful choices on where to buy land or build properties. Larger companies who are in the property building and land development space are also reaping the benefits of proptech where they are able to respond faster to economic and climate change and therefore maintain that dominance in their niches. In this episode of Tied Together, we speak with Ro Sharma who owns an established property portfolio and is also a proptech enthusiast who is connected with some of the leading  startups. With his experience in the property markets and love for proptech, Ro shares his insights into how new proptech platforms are disrupting their industry and shares his thoughts on the possibility of developing an ecosystem based solution that brings together many of these startups and established players in the proptech field. 
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