25 minutes | Nov 11, 2015

Overcome the Fear of Judgementalism : TKF 75

Fear comes in many shapes and colors. Some fears of our physical well-being are engrained at a fundamental level, as described in Maslow's Heirarchy of needs. Some fears are foreshadows of what pain and discomfort would be like, the fear of falling, the fear of drowing, in martial arts, the fear of getting hit. The fear precedes an actual event, and if the fear is strong enough it can immobilize us till we can't move or perform. What about fears that there is no inherit risk to our physical being? The fear of public speaking The fear of making a mistake in front of audience The fear of performing The fear of looking silly These fears put us at no physical risk, but puts our ego and self-worth in the cross-hairs. Some fears can be worked through by 'doing', you put yourself in a position to be safe as possible and work on it, for example, the fear of falling. With fears of performing, whether as a painter, an actor, or a martial artist, 'doing' will not be enough to achieve your highest level of success. You can't 'do' painting, you have to 'be' a painter. What does it take to 'be' a painter, be a martial artist? I walk you through step by step during this podcast. Also During The Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu #75 Student Updates Message from a Listener The 3 month window called the Holiday Season, the time of higher joys, higher expectations, higher stress. We put together an class that will meet each thursday until January to give us all a little extra support. A listener left a Review: "Wow, I can't praise enough. I found these today and feel like I hit the jackpot. Sifu Smith, what a generous service you are providing. Beyond the wisdom and compassion you convey, the fact that you are providing these through a non-cost podcast conveys even more to me. It's not so easy to find consistent and high quality instruction or content for free. Practically nothing is free anymore. What I have learned already is invaluable, so thank you, thank you. You are a good person and a good representative of what you teach." Mentioned Positive Psychology: Advances in Understanding Adult Motivation Philosophy and the Martial Arts: Engagement (Ethics and Sport) Sian Beilock Ph.D : Overcome the Fear of Judgmentalism Voice Acting Mastery with Crispin Freeman : Stanford Post on Holiday Health : Milestone Moments : Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu #25 Holiday Health and Fitness Class : Psychological Benefits of Martial Arts Training : 4 Area's Your Ego Has Direct Access to Your Mind : TKF 66 The Duality of Ego : Where Do You See it in Martial Arts? : TKF 67  National Center for Biotechnology Information : Overcome the Fear of Falling: Tai Chi and Falling : Fear of Public Speaking : Sian Beilock : Artwork of Fear, By Tanshi
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