29 minutes | Dec 23, 2015

Martial Arts, Fitness and Scholastics : TKF 78

I had started researching material for my son, and it took me down a path, then broadened into an entire podcast. Let me share what I learned along the way. Recognize Reid Phillips For 10 Consecutive Years of Friendship and Being a Loyal Student Research the What, Why and How do Martial Arts Effect our Minds' Executive Function The primary focus of Episode 78 : "How do Children Develop Through Martial Arts?" "How is this researched and supported in current neuroscience and psychiatry?" What should be present in martial arts programs for children and adolscents? What is the differences between Traditional Martial Arts and Tournament/Sport Oriented Martial Arts. 10 Skills that Transfer from Martial Arts to other parts of our Lives Mentioned Cherine Grades Improve Story NC School Research on Healthy Active Children and Grades Minutes from NC State Education Board Meeting Huffington Post : Transforming Power  Scholastic.com  Martial Arts and ADD: Psychology Today  Study of Scholastics 
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