16 minutes | Oct 14, 2015

10 Attributes of Water That Effects Martial Arts, QiGong and Ourselves

In Martial Arts and Qi Gong, "Be Like Water" is referred to so often that is nearly a cliche. Like most cliche's we forget how powerful the statement really is. In the 10 Attributes of Water Podcast : Recent Facts of Dalian, China Softness of Water Power of Water Resiliencies How these characteristics can apply to our Martial Arts, QiGong and Ourselves All 10 will be detailed in Tuesdays Newsletter. You can also get the Qin Na "Catch" Flow Drill Video when you signup   Sighting of Recent WaterSpouts in Dalian, China Mentioned In the Power of Water Dalian Ghost Stories: Based on True Events from the Qing Niwa, Dalny, Dairen, and Luda Periods of the City's History
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