87 minutes | Apr 6, 2020

Episode 90—Tiger King, Of Course

Maybe you've seen the Tiger King memes all over the internet? If so, you are probably wondering what Tiger King is all about? Is Tiger King truly the genius documentary that we all need right now? Or is this miniseries really just Jerry Springer with giant f-ing cats? Join us this week as we dissect America's morbid fascination with the hit phenomenon. Johnny Genie wrote a blog post to accompany this episode which you can find on our website here: Analyzing America's Obsession With The Tiger King  Support Us: If you enjoy the podcast, please consider rating and reviewing wherever you listen to podcasts. We would also love for you to share it with someone who might enjoy us. And of course, if you really want to support us, consider subscribing on Patreon for as little as one dollar per episode!   Links: Nothing to see here officer   Follow Us: Our Website/Blog Twitter: @thunktankers Instagram: @thunktankpodcast Email: thunktankpodcast@gmail.com Facebook
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