58 minutes | Feb 18th 2019

Episode 003 - To Every Thing There is a Season

Like it says in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, life is full of seasons. Because raising a child is a marathon and not a sprint, it is marked by seasonal changes. In this episode, we do a deep dive into the three seasons of parenting that begin with birth and end with emancipation. Each season has very specific goals that, if met, will prepare the child for the next season. If all goes well, the end result will be a respectful, self-disciplined, resilient, competent young adult who is prepared for the rigors of independent living.

Even if your kids are teenagers, this episode is packed full of useful information. Unfortunately, too many kids are not meeting seasonal goals on schedule, which has huge implications now and in the future. If you want to raise kids who are prepared for real life, this episode is for you.