99 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

The TOP 6 Reasons People Leave Christianity

 Last week, Paul Maxwell, a former Desiring God writer and the author of the book The Trauma of Doctrine, has announced he is no longer a Christian. It shocked a lot of people, and yet, he was only one more who bit the dust in the last couple of years.Since 2019, we have seen quite a few BIG names renounce their faith and basically leave Christianity.These BIG names are just the ones we know about. There are countless people who leave christianity, or churchianity, everyday.George Barna, wrote the book Churchless, which is about the growing trend of people foregoing church attendance.In an article about the book, he wrote:“The Number of Churchless Americans Has Jumped by Nearly One-Third in Just 20 Years."So... how can this be understood, or explained in any way? What causes people to "leave the faith"? Or perhaps they're just leaving... Churchianity?This is what we'll answer in this week's explosive episode!
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