62 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

Pack Up Your Tent 🏕️ and Move On 🚶‍♂️!

1 Peter 2:11 says:"Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul."The definition of a pilgrim says: One who journeys in foreign lands. One who travels to a shrine or holy place as a devotee.A pilgrim is always on the move. A pilgrim doesn't stay put for long.While they may pitch their tent in one place, they never do it for too long.The Bible says that we are pilgrims on this earth. We are travelling through.But our journey doesn't strictly limit itself to our time on earth, but is also determined by our journey into truth.God has called each of us to be lifelong learners. To learn something new each step of the way with Him by our side.This means that as we learn and grow, we'll also embrace and abandon, learn and unlearn, consider and reconsider. Our knowledge base and understanding will change with each passing season. Sometimes, it may even change into something that's downright scary!Like Thomas Jefferson, we too should be able to say: "I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led, and bearding every authority which stood in their way."So, how far are YOU willing to change and adapt as God shows you new truths?
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