73 minutes | May 6, 2021

Let’s Talk About Marriage ⚭ 💕 | Kingdom 👑 Marriage | Ephesians 5:22-33

 In this week's episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard share their insight on what makes for a thriving Kingdom marriage.Those of you who are married know just how challenging it can be to have a thriving marriage in today's day and age. The secret to enjoying a good marriage is not just a matter of believing what we're told in Scripture about husband and wife roles, but to make the crucial decision that you will do everything you can to live out those truths daily.This is easier said than done, right?And, what about controversial stuff like the wife having to submit to her husband? Is this still good for today? How can today's couples apply biblical marital principles from 2000 years ago? Is it even realistic?Tune in to find out!
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