68 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

Kingdom 👑 Leadership Series | Episode 4: Count It All Joy 😊


What 4 Kingdom Leaders had to say about Joy



There’s a kid’s song that we’re all familiar with called: Down in my Heart

The last couplet goes something like this:

And if the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack

Sit on a tack,

Sit on a tack,

Sit on a tack,

And if the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack to stay.

Well, guess what…

The results are in, and the survey says that indeed the devil doesn’t like it when a Believer has the joy of the Lord!

This is why he tries desperately to steal it from you!

There is an old story about the devil who was retiring from his work. He wanted to get rid of all his tools. He had a garage sale and displayed all his tools with a price tag. There were all kinds of tools like malice, hatred, jealousy, deceit, bitterness, pride, betrayal, adultery, cruelty, ungratefulness, and many more. All of them had its own price, some more expensive than others depending on its usefulness. But one of them was set apart marked with the highest price. When the devil was asked why this particular tool was the most expensive, he said, “Because this is my sharpest and the most useful tool; it is called depression. With depression I can do anything I want with anybody regardless of their education, religion, wealth or fame. It always works; it never fails.”

Well, Joy is listed in Galatians as one of the fruit of the Spirit. If we did like the devil in the story, we too could set it apart with the highest price tag because with it, we can also do anything. Joy never fails.

In this episode, we’re going to look at 4 great leaders in the Bible and what they said about joy.

Friend, after this episode, you will count it all joy.



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